Cody Riley TOP 3's

Frontside lipslide
Top 3 'Go to' tricks
1. Boardies ( on bricks )
2. Kicky Crooks 
3. Backside tailslides
Top 3 'Will never be able to do' tricks
1. Nollie back heels
2. Switch front heels 
3. Impossibles
Top 3 Sydney skate spots
1. Kicker 2 kicker 
2. Chifley 
3. Waterloo 
 'Go to' Backside tailslide flip to forward
 Top 3 songs
1. INXS - Mystify
2. 21 savage - No Heart 
3. David Bowie - Rock n Roll Suicide  
Top 3 foods to eat really slow
1. Chicken ribs 
2. Burger Project 
3. Subway 
Top 3 superstitious skate rituals
1. Stickers before grip 
2. Always tighten deck bolts from bottom ONLY
3. When gripped, rub off nose and tail grip on the nose and tail edge
Death drop frontside tailslide
 Top 3 people to skate with
1. Zoolz when he's not filming or off it ;)
2. Dane Burman. He's always keen to skate and try new shit 
3. Stuart Hart.  Will skate 5x longer then anyone and will never get mad 
Top 3 skate trips you've been on
Think I've only been on 3 haha
1. USA 2015
2. Show us ya map of Tassie 
3. Melbone trip
Top 3 golf courses to play on
1. Bankstown 
2. The Ridge 
3. The Australian 
Top 3 tricks you did when you had the man bun
1. Nollie 360 flip Melbourne ghetto gap
2. Front tail kicky Canberra ledge near questacon 
3. 50/50 drop 50/50 in the cross 
Wallie nose manual flip out
Top 3 shed activities
1. Choof 
2. Sticker up boards 
3. Shoe doctor 
Top 3 things you hate in skateboarding
1. Key swag while skating 
2. Grown ass men dressing as someone from a Supreme video, but don't even skate
3. It hurts 
Top 3 things on the 'to do' list
1. Find new spots 
2. Remember where they are 
3. Try not bitch it when I'm there 
 Nosegrind pop out.
All photography by Samuel Coady